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Self-Paced Interactive Tutorial Samples

The following are samples of self-paced, interactive tutorials that I created while working as an intern and student worker of the Title III - Educational Technology grant project at Los Angeles Pierce College in 2006 and 2007.

The tutorials were part of a training initiative for faculty, as a supplemental guide to in-person assistance during the implemation of tablet PCs in classroom instruction on the college campus.

Under the supervision and guidance of the program director and media assistant, I outlined the steps necessary for each task in the tutorial to be completed (including tutorial objectives, screen captures, photo editing, etc.), wrote the tutorial scripts, prepared and edited tutorial images, captured necessary screen gestures and actions, and narrated each tutorial in the Macromedia Captivate software program.

Note: Each tutorial page opens in a new window. The tutorials are Flash files, and unfortunately are not viewable on iOS devices.

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