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Shanta Devi Williams can trace her artistic roots to her immersion in music, dance, art, and literature from a young age. She credits her ability to develop and pursue her passion for art to her parents' interest in providing a culturally-enriched childhood and home environment.

Shanta's art is an expression of her search for spiritual understanding. The usage of "third eye" symbolism in many of her works references its meaning in the religion of Hinduism (as a link to one's innate wisdom). She often writes in "free-writing" form to utilize her subconscious and tap into a nonlinear flow for a cathartic release of emotions.

Shanta's bold usage of color, abstract shapes, and forms in her paintings, drawings, and art journal pages reflects her imaginative view of life; as well as her first love of reading and writing, and the joy of experiencing and creating new and "impossible" worlds as a child.